FpML Document Validation

Ensuring FpML documents make business sense

FpML is too complicated to be fully validated by an XML parser alone and some additional technology is required to implement the business rules which define the semantic constraints.

The validation portion of the HandCoded toolkit implements all the business validation rules defined by ISDA for FpML. Where appropriate these rules have been adjusted to allow them to apply to earlier FpML releases.

1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0-4.3 4.4-4.9 5.0* 5.1-5.x*
FpML Rules
- EQD - - - Y Y Y Y
- CDS - - - Y Y Y Y
- FX(+) - - Y Y Y Y Y
- Loans - - - - Y - -
- Business Process - - - Y Y Y Y
- Reference Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
- Shared Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
- Collateral - - - - - - Y
- Messaging - - - - - - Y
Additional Rules
- Data Types (for DTDs) Y Y Y - - - -
- Coding Schemes Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

(*) The toolkit supports validation of documents in any view (confirmation, reporting, record keeping and transparency).
(+) The FX rules support both the original and revised product models.

In additional we have provided data type validation for DTD based documents, additional referential integrity checks and support for all standard FpML code value schemes (and a few others like ISO currency and country codes).

The validation toolkit provides populated rule sets containing all the standard and extended rules which can be customised and combined with custom user rules to make them specific to a particular institution or system.

Online Demonstration

Try business validation for yourself

Select an FpML format XML document and press the 'Validate' button to see the results of XML syntax and FpML business rule validation.

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