Product Infoset Generation

Automatic extraction of product definitions

This page showcases one of the technologies underlying the 'Universal Product Identifier' (UPI) generation facility. Product infoset generation extracts the product portion of an FpML trade or contract and converts it into a normalised product definition that does not contain any trade facts (e.g. notional, price, rate, dates, etc.).

The product definition is the primary input used by the toolkits taxonomy and UPI generation tools addressing the requirements of the Dodd-Frank act. As this regulation is yet to be formalised the tools are based the latest information available from ISDA.

This feature of the toolkit is still under development and may not work for all versions of FpML or product types. Generation of infosets for interest rate swaps is most tested, other products may not strip out all trade data.

Online Demonstration

Try automated product infoset generation

Select an FpML format XML document then press the 'Generate' button to see the result.

Infoset generation can currently only be applied to the FpML 5 confirmation view documents.

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