Simple, Efficient & Extensible

Pure code for high performance.

Based around a set of object oriented frameworks the Toolkit provides a set of high performance features that are easy to use, modify, extend and maintain.

The HandCoded toolkits use an extensible internal meta-data system to drive algorithms for version identification, document instance conversion and product classification which is kept up to date with the FpML specification by us through our active participation in the FpML working groups.

The toolkit provides an extremely fast and efficient implementation of the FpML validation rules (covering multiple specification releases and product areas) which supports both DTD & Schema referencing instance documents. The validation code provides datatype checks for the legacy DTD based FpML specifications and caching 'scheme based' domain code tests for all FpML releases. Code value validation can be extended to 'open ended' domains such as counterparty or security codes with are outside the scope of FpML and needs access to local data sources.

The toolkit also provides an automated solution for FpML document conversion, and is capable of transforming a document based on an old FpML specification to a later release.

A key feature of the toolkit is its ability to be adjusted to suit specific implementations. The frameworks underlying the toolkit allow custom extensions or modifications to the identification, classification, validation and conversion algorithms in a code efficient manner.

Why Native Code?

We choose to write the rules directly in Java and C# to make them easy to maintain or extend and extremely efficient to execute. Our code uses standard APIs that are familiar to all Java and C# programmers. This also makes is easy to integrate our code into your application.

We do not use interpreted technologies like XPath, XQuery or custom 'business rule languages' because they adversely affect performance; do not allow multiple FpML schemas to be supported simultaneously and often cannot express complicated business rules.

When executing the full rule set and validating all coding scheme values the HandCoded toolkit is many times faster than other commercial FpML rule implementations.