FpML Document Conversion

Automatic migration of documents between different versions of the FpML specification

The derivatives market is continually inventing new financial products or variants of old ones. The FpML specification will need regular updates to keep track of the popular transaction types and thier supporting documentation.

Not all financial institutions have the desire or capability to update thier systems to match each FpML release and participants will increasing need to design thier systems to process multiple releases of the specification simultaneously.

The document conversion components of the HandCoded Toolkit contain the logic necessary to determine the release of the specification used by a document and the changes needed to migrate its content to an equivalent document based on a later version. If a conversion requires additional information to enrich the generated document then it access a user supplied object that can integrate with local systems to obtain the extra data, provide dummy values or cancel the conversion. 

Embedding our conversion objects in your system will allow you to migrate your existing trades to more recent FpML release or make them tolerant of documents using older specifications.

Online Demonstration

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