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Free FpML functionality 

In July & August 2006 the core portions of our C# and Java toolkits were migrated to an Open Source development project hosted by SourceForge.

We believe that to speed up the adoption of FpML, implementers need access to a common, robust and efficient system's building blocks. Working through the open source process makes it easier for everyone to maintain consistency with the standard and each other.

Since 2006 the Java and C# versions of the open source toolkit have been downloaded over 1,100 times.

What's in the OpenSource release?

All the code necessary to perform business validation and document conversion between FpML specification releases is included in the toolkit.

How do I access the code?

Snapshots of the Java and C# libraries and supporting files can be downloaded from project files web page. If you have a Subversion client then you may also check out the source code directly from the repository.

You may freely embed any of this code in your systems or products. We only ask that you recognise our work in your documentation and provide a links back to our website and the SourceForge project.

Want to join in?

HandCoded Software welcomes applications from organisations and/or individuals that would like to become part of the project and continue its open development.

Please apply by sending us an e-mail.