Commercial Toolkit

Enhanced FpML functionality 

Both the Java and .Net implementations are available under a commercial licence. The full version of the Toolkit for FpML Processing contains all the features of the Open Source but also includes additional features.

We are currently committed to adding support for regulatory changes in the derivative markets and are actively tracking the ISDA working groups for product taxonomy and UPI generation in relation to the Dodd-Frank act.

Feature Comparision

Open Source Commercial Version
- FpML 1.0 thru 5.x 1.0 thru 5.x
- Validation YES YES
- Conversion YES YES
- Classification - YES
- Regulatory - YES
Price Free Price on Request
Support Community
Direct phone/e-mail

The commercial toolkit is charged on an production application instance basis (e.g. you pay once for every application you deploy that contains the toolkit). There is no charge for developer copies.

HandCoded can also provide implementation assistance and toolkit customisations on a daily T&M basis at reasonable rates.