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Experts in XML and FpML

HandCoded Software specialises in developing solutions for efficient XML processing in relation to Financial industry standards.

Our initial offerings focus on the 'Financial products Markup Language (FpML)' and allow instutitions to more easily adopt and integrate this important standard for derivative products within their systems and e-Business solutions.

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What's new at HandCoded Software

December 2012

The latest 1.7 Java and C# releases now supports the FpML 5.4 schema and more codelists. You can down the open source versions from our SourceForge project area here. To obtain the pass phrase needed to decode the ZIP files send an email to registration@handcoded.com.

Support for schema views has been enhanced and the FpML defined rules for Collateral (reporting view) and Messaging (transparency view) have been added to the standard rule set as well as new rules for recently added coding schemes.